1. Georgia vs. Seton Hall recap: Pirates defeat Bulldogs in close game #shbb #HallIn https://t.co/nehbbAgsE5 https://t.co/7LuRzbouJn

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  3. Villanova Again a Unanimous Pick to Win Big East

  4. Big East Announces 2015-16 Conference Schedule

  5. FINAL: Seton Hall defeats Georgia 69-62. Isaiah Whitehead led all scorers with 22 points. Pirates improve to 5-1.

  6. Seton Hall needs a bucket in the worst way. Their lead is down to 60-59 with 2:22 to play.

  7. U4, second half: Seton Hall leads Georgia 60-57. Pirates have to finish strong.

  8. U8, second half: Seton Hall leads Georgia 51-44.

  9. Seton Hall's on a 9-0 run to extend their lead to 49-40. 10:30 to play.

  10. U12, second half: Seton Hall leads Georgia 42-40.

  11. U16, second half: Seton Hall and Georgia are tied at 34.

  12. Georgia vs. Seton Hall: Halftime Notes #shbb #HallIn https://t.co/u5GlBlo8N1 https://t.co/4ZPaGLJC2l

  13. U4, first half: UGA leads Seton Hall 26-23.

  14. btw for Creighton live-tweeting, follow @crimebait. Follow him anyway. He's good people.

  15. U8, first half: UGA leads Seton Hall 22-19.

  16. Georgia's up to a 20-15 lead thanks to a 9-0 run.

  17. U12, first half: Seton Hall leads Georgia 13-11.

  18. In fairness, if these droughts keep up for the rest of the game, Seton Hall will win. https://t.co/Wx4La3cGbm

  19. Georgia dunks, ruins my joke. Seton Hall still up 13-11.

  20. Early 10-6 lead for Seton Hall thanks to a pair of threes.

  21. Butler holds off SIU-Edwardsville with a big second half (from @mikemurt123) https://t.co/JnGQg9o0ff https://t.co/54eipC37ah

  22. Underway in Newark.

  23. Up next is the most intriguing Big East game of the day: Georgia vs. Seton Hall

  24. FINAL: Butler defeats SIU-Edwardsville 89-73. Kellen Dunham ties his career high with 32. Bulldogs improve to 4-1.

  25. Double-Double for Jones. 11-6-10.

  26. Kellen Dunham three. Ties his career high with 32. Roosevelt Jones sets a career high with 10 assists.

  27. SIU-E being pesky. Butler's lead is 78-68 with 2 minutes to go.

  28. U4, second half: Butler leads SIU-E 75-62. Butler kinda looked like a team who hasn't played in 6 days today.

  29. Kellen Dunham's up to 29 points. His career high is 32.

  30. Apologies for the lack of tweets. Butler leads SIU-Edwardsville 65-49 in the second half. Kellen Dunham has 27 on 8-10 shooting.

  31. Butler vs. SIU-Edwardsville: Halftime Notes https://t.co/E6svtvA0In https://t.co/b2by09zMiA

  32. Where do we rank SIU-Edwardsville's Yemi Makanjuola on the names list? Cause that's a terrific name.

  33. We're at 3,709 followers right now. I wonder if we can get to 4K by March.

  34. They play Butler Tuesday. Should be fun. https://t.co/FKRHQHnojE

  35. Once a Cat always a Cat - Dalys and Fords - VU'71 national finalist in Brooklyn https://t.co/ajudsIAx6K

  36. Hoyas thump Bulldogs in return to D.C. Recap: https://t.co/ojTzcLbVjD https://t.co/KZpFw8jFCv

  37. Well this promptly turned into a laugher. Georgetown, catastrophe aside, will move to 2-3.

  38. Becoming a solid day at the office for Georgetown. https://t.co/BMydoLJUYt

  39. Georgetown leads Bryant by 14 at the half. Halftime update: https://t.co/tAE9xhFjXT https://t.co/r5Ix1Wa7PA

  40. Alright, good Georgetown. Stay like this.

  41. While you were sleeping, Kris Dunn and Providence upset Arizona. RECAP https://t.co/a9OVjvBGTv https://t.co/P55O6yxBOK

  42. Good luck today to @novawbasketball vs. Drexel! #NovaNation