1. Kevin Willard is thinking positive heading into the 2015-16 season #HALLin #shbb http://t.co/c8ShpzcxVp http://t.co/uOwLHUGvNH

  2. Big East Announces 2015-16 Conference Schedule

  3. The guy is just amazing. #Jets https://t.co/pOG2hYyBlp

  4. Jim Gaffigan acronym'd UConn. @Russ_Steinberg won't be pleased. https://t.co/zmo9UpPoae

  5. That might have been better than Clayton Kershaw's no-hitter last year. And I don't say that lightly. Wow.

  6. The Mets have had the same amount of success against Max Scherzer tonight as you or I would have.

  7. He's good. https://t.co/J633XL8Bd6

  8. #Marquette in to see 2016 forward Darrlyn Willis this week #mubb (h/t @AnonymousEagle) http://t.co/eIACNCd897 http://t.co/nIdUfB347y

  9. 2017 New Jersey guard offered by Seton Hall #HALLin #shbb http://t.co/fXQTJlbIYQ http://t.co/Uz7jYJKjz4

  10. Noticed this as well. Truly has all the tools on AND off the court to have a great NBA career. https://t.co/ocRziWqXJu

  11. Kris Dunn was on @ESPNAndyKatz's podcast earlier this week. Take a listen! #pcbb #gofriars http://t.co/7BBZmvEpo3 http://t.co/kHg6sZzX7N

  12. Context is absolutely not required here. https://t.co/haR2cMfUOb

  13. Not to be outdone, @MarquetteMBB is also in the gym today. http://t.co/vlcmjwV8sn http://t.co/ptbwGPLtte

  14. LOOK: Isaiah Whitehead (@IsaiahW_15) just did it again http://t.co/Bl0eZfyy0g #HALLin #shbb (h/t @SHUAthletics) http://t.co/KzJyoeb2xv

  15. mfw @IsaiahW_15 throws down a nasty dunk http://t.co/zgup7YFUiG

  16. So, Isaiah Whitehead appears to be ready for this season http://t.co/ryxRBN0Gzn (h/t @SetonHallMBB) #HALLin #shbb http://t.co/BknDBgbASh

  17. Seton Hall's Blue & White scrimmage has tipped off! (h/t @SetonHallMBB) #HALLin #shbb http://t.co/4KBhNai1R1 http://t.co/gQSeV568dE

  18. Seton Hall scrimmage going on today... #shbb https://t.co/yA9Fb5vbfG

  19. ESPN's Fran Fraschilla (@franfraschilla) has some good things to say about Butler practice http://t.co/UkN96Myq9W http://t.co/ENzZXHAZ9r

  20. “There’s not going to be anyone out there for 35-40 minutes a game like the past couple of years with Dee Davis." https://t.co/Eb6ahltLov

  21. The home stretch has begun. http://t.co/ezVotig0uK

  22. Good luck today to @NovaMSoccer at home, @VillanovaFH at UConn and @NovaTrackXC at Princeton Cross Country event! #NovaNation

  23. Shout out to @NovaVolleyball on big win last night! Good luck tonight vs. DePaul at the Jake! @joshsteinbach

  24. College basketball starts six weeks from tonight.