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  5. The Mavs offense will look to attack early and often this season. >>http://t.co/VYFmC0oNHW http://t.co/H5atPAgUKU

  6. Sefko: 'A great sign' for Mavs guard Wesley Matthews http://t.co/YKLV0ji13B

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  10. #Mavs still interested in Larry Sanders, but no movement now, per @tim_cato & @timmacmahon: http://t.co/YNiwPs4bhG http://t.co/xS009jtTmF

  11. Dirk Happy for One Reason, Disappointed for Another

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  13. I'm seeing people 'reinterpret' our report. One more time: #Mavs are NOT the team pursuing Larry Sanders. https://t.co/3epxAD2Al1

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  17. The #Mavs are NOT the team pursuing @LarrySanders , multiple sources tell http://t.co/NVriu7PM4m https://t.co/Sw3MZ1tydu

  18. I'm reporting the #Mavs are not pursuing Larry Sanders at this time. You're free to report whatever you want. https://t.co/n3MwCDio2I

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  22. Rick Carlisle on Wes Matthews: "It's exciting, because he’s out there and he looks good, but let’s keep our eye on the ball. It’s one day.”

  23. #Mavs SG Wesley Matthews: "I’ve got to get my nervous system firing with the rest of my body. But that will come."

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  25. Wes Matthews: "This is the first time I’ve played actual basketball in over six months. Obviously, I’m not me yet. That will come, quickly."

  26. Another Larry Sanders #Mavs non-starter reason (from July): 'He doesn't want to play basketball anymore' http://t.co/UG0t6ueB6x

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  29. Wes Matthews on the player he was before injury: "I'm not confident that I'm going to be that player. I'm confident I'm going to be better."

  30. Wes Matthews: "I'm trying to be ready opening day. Whether I can play or not, I can't really control that. But my goal is to be available."

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  33. Rick Carlisle: "The possibility of Wes being back for the opening game has not been ruled out."

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  37. Multiple sources tell http://t.co/NVriu7PM4m the #Mavs are NOT pursuing talented-but-troubled center Larry Sanders.

  38. Wesley Matthews scrimmaged for the first time as a #Mavs player today. He also plans to play in 1 or 2 preseason games, if any.

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  41. The Mavericks do have some interest in Larry Sanders, I'm told. They didn't bring him to Texas, though. Likely nothing imminent.

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  44. Be sure to tune in tomorrow on FSSW Plus for #DALatOKC in Tulsa at 7PM! http://t.co/N4R0w6AQ7T http://t.co/IU9l9AVc7S

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