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  2. Watch: Players See New Practice After Returning from Italy

  3. Players Whose Stock Has Soared This Offseason

  4. Izzo Plays Accordion, Has Never Looked Happier

  5. Michigan St. Ends Italy Trip with 1-Pt Loss

  6. Shilique Calhoun, a better NFL pass rusher than Joey Bosa? One scout/BTN analyst says it's possible. http://t.co/EOO4eQfpYA

  7. Based on this Q&A with WMU beat writer @Drew_on_WMU I think MSU should train down with Dantonio in a Lincoln hat. http://t.co/NGPXOOoZ4Y

  8. Predicting the 2015-16 Big Ten CBB Standings

  9. Biggest Obstacle Facing Top CBB Contenders

  10. Izzo: 'Trip Was as Good as Anything I’ve Done in 20 Yrs'

  11. Up and down offseason: MSU endures surgeries, freshmen bulk up. http://t.co/qW1qOnH7mN http://t.co/xm9Ql31RCv

  12. Since we're on ESPN analysts, @TravHaneyESPN has the Spartans winning it all before the window slams shut on 'em. http://t.co/OIATzlJ0FV

  13. MSU Coasts to 98-54 Victory in First Game on Italy Trip

  14. Izzo: We Need Better Interior Play, Rebounding

  15. Top Prospect Jackson Says He'll Drop 50, Does It

  16. Yet another thing that is all Graham's fault... https://t.co/2ESSsFjcJN

  17. Hey, I wasn't involved in the voting! https://t.co/5JgPgS7wAM

  18. Michigan St. AD Hollis Uses Painful Past to Shape the Future

  19. US Pan American Games Hoops Roster Named

  20. MSU Announces Non-Conference Schedule

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  22. MSU improved it SOS though.

  23. Michigan State Basketball in Italy: Part 2

  24. Thomas Named Director of Hoops Operations

  25. Daniels will play the four spot for MSU this season. Last year he was a swing 3/4.

  26. MSU basketball starts practice Oct. 5.

  27. Howland says Joe Struggs has issues with his shins. He'll miss a couple of months. MSU down to 11 scholarship players.

  28. Yikes https://t.co/xA6E2nkOwI

  29. Speaking of Narduzzi and Schafer... http://t.co/XPdBCftTKK

  30. This story on Pat Narduzzi's prank on Scott Schafer gone wrong is hilarious. Kiwi allergy? http://t.co/0u6lmgSoVg

  31. 3 ESPN analysts who played at Ohio State picked OSU to repeat. 2 who played at Michigan picked OSU to miss playoff http://t.co/7gYOispNhJ

  32. Remember Detroit Lions safety William White? MSU is after his son. http://t.co/LWlyTjfvXw

  33. LIVE on #Periscope: MSU Week 1 Live Chat https://t.co/Rin3sYIf5h

  34. Getting ready to debut the MSU live chat on Periscope. Coming up in minutes.

  35. MSU's last day in Italy included a tour of Venice and a farewell dinner sing-along for the ages: http://t.co/sZSgeLj6Q9

  36. Yes. But the ring is a Cotton Bowl championship ring -- the win over Baylor. I should have clarified "reg season" https://t.co/JrdFzi5LYH

  37. In other words, MSU's 2014 season was rather lacking in high-profile victories.

  38. Interesting NYT story on MSU-Michigan. But the ring thing ... MSU had the score of the win over OSU the year before. http://t.co/2Ni1TWEyYA