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  • Alex Shaw posted 178 days ago

    Alex Shaw


  • Alex Shaw posted 178 days ago

    Alex Shaw

    Which conference is better at everything. B1G > PAC 12

    In terms of revenue, sports, championships, education?

  • Ahmd AbdAllah posted 297 days ago

    Ahmd AbdAllah


    Influential section - Yusuf Estes with a young Christian

    ((( O mankind! Say No God But Allah, Achieve Eternal Salvation )))

    " Laa ilaaha illallah " (There is none worthy of worship except Allah.)

    ( I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger )

    ( Introduction to Islam )

  • Allan Payne posted 303 days ago

    Allan Payne

    What's the real story behind Michigan's significant delay in handling the Brandon Gibbons situation? What little information has come forward paints a pretty bad picture of Michigan and Brady Hoke. To what degree is Hoke culpable in an alleged cover-up? If he did engage in one, is he on the hot seat or at risk of being fired? If there's anything to this, will parents still let their UM 2014 and 2015 commits go to Michigan? Thanks for any insights you can offer.

  • Albert Moncada posted 323 days ago

    Albert Moncada

    Lane Kiffin to replace Borges? What are your thoughts?

  • U of M posted 341 days ago

    U of M

    In reference to the replacing Al Borges post, I know it is a few days removed from the last comments, so I just wanted to message you and clarify something. When I said "If a school like Rutgers is looking at the guy as a QB Coach, why would a school like Michigan look at him as the OC," I wasn't saying that the only school looking at the guy was Rutgers and he wouldn't get any other job offers. I was simply saying that Michigan, being a far superior program than Rutgers, shouldn't be looking at taking a guy in as the OC who is simply being looked at as a QB coach. It just doesn't fit. It would make much more sense to go to a MAC school or another mid-major school and go after their OC than it would be to go get a guy who is getting looks as a QB coach at a lesser school. It just seems to me that if other teams were high on him at all, they'd be going after him as a OC as well instead of a QB coach.

  • AJ Bell posted 369 days ago

    AJ Bell

    Adam, Please post this poll for every Michigan fan out there to see.

  • Quentin Gessner posted 381 days ago

    Quentin Gessner

    Al Borges must go. His call last year with the UM on the OSU goal line with a 4th and one sending Denard straight into the line was the dumbest call I have ever seen in football. Now with 7-8 guys blitzing against Gardner, he should be taking a 3 step drop and throw in 3-5 seconds a down and over, or out, short pass instead of taking ten seconds to get sacked.
    Quentin Gessner

  • V J Spindler III posted 383 days ago

    V J Spindler III

    "This season is Adreian Payne's last at Michigan." Really, and here I thought for the last three years that he played for Michigan State. No better way to piss of Spartans.

  • Altar Ego posted 398 days ago

    Altar Ego

    An article and a re-print of the "Go Blue" above Michigan State before the game would be entertaining don't you think?

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