I was born and raised in south-central Pennsylvania at the epicenter of the Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington fan bases. Rather than aligning myself with one of those cities, or worse, rooting for some combination of the four based on whichever was doing the best in each sport at the time, I went outside the box and chose to root against my dad’s favorite teams. To this day, I’m not sure why he chose the Raiders, the Phillies, and the Tar Heels, but I became a Chiefs, Braves, and Blue Devils fanatic; although the baseball allegiance has since shifted from Atlanta to Houston to Washington. Go Nats.

I started writing about fantasy football in 2006 before eventually realizing I had a better chance of winning the lottery than getting noticed for doing exactly what every other 20-29 year old sports fan with an opinion was doing. I shifted gears to college basketball in 2009 and have been obsessively writing about bracketology and bubble watches ever since. If you stick with me throughout the season, I personally guarantee that the odds of winning your local bracket pool will increase by up to 1%.

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  • David Atkinson posted 20 days ago

    David Atkinson

    Let me know when Coach K wins 88 straight and we will talk about who is the GOAT. Til them, stop being a Homer and use your brain.

  • Wyatt Tramburg posted 20 days ago

    Wyatt Tramburg

    You forgot a loser in your latest "winners and losers of march madness". THE OFFICIALS. First half of the championship I got to watch a pretty awesome clean game. 2nd half I watched the point of emphasis "hand-check rule" go out the window in favor of a Duke team that truly got the benefit of the doubt enough to change dramatically affect the game.

  • Dave Cook posted 26 days ago

    Dave Cook


    Thanks again for all you’ve done for Tyler Harvey (Eastern Washington) and his career . . . what we all know about Tyler as the great person and player he is, the NBA will now get to see as well! Let me know if you ever need anything!

    Dave Cook - dcook@ewu.edu

  • Rich Fisher posted 35 days ago

    Rich Fisher

    Kerry - The UCLA bashing needs to stop. Your article indicates that a team's performance in the tournament does not justify it's initial selection appears illogical. I'd love to hear more about your thought process. UCLA, a team roundly criticized, has somehow managed to build double digit leads in two tournament games. Luck? As for SMU, if they were so superior, the game should never have come down to a play in the waning seconds of the game. I would much prefer a congratulatory message for advancing to the sweet sixteen in the face of adversity. The "they don't belong" ship has sailed.

  • EDsmart posted 39 days ago


    A gift indeed, Mr. Kerry.

    Wanted to pass along an article you might enjoy http://www.edsmart.org/ncaa-basketball-coach-salaries/

  • J. Pacer posted 43 days ago

    J. Pacer

    "As soon as the game ended, we were inundated with articles offering suggestions on how to fix the NCAA tournament for the better—a ludicrous proposition, since it's already the best postseason format in the world."

    What is ludicrous about suggestions for improving the tournament. Just because it's the best postseason format among all the postseason tournaments doesn't mean it couldn't be even better. Particularly the selection process.

  • Craig Johnson posted 45 days ago

    Craig Johnson

    Record: 20-13 overall; 9-9 in Big Ten
    Record in Last 12 Games: 5-7
    Comment: “this team has looked pretty awful as of late”
    Record: 21-11 overall; 12-6 in Big Ten
    Record in Last 12 Games: 9-3
    Comment: “It has been a strong finish, but it might need one more exclamation mark.”
    And the prediction? “Hoosiers are pretty comfortably in the field. Indiana gets into the tournament and probably even avoids the First Four, despite a pretty dreadful finish to the regular season.” While for Purdue: ”their next game is one that couldn't possibly be considered a bad loss.” But “Lose that game and we'll probably see them in Dayton for the first round.” Beat Wisconsin and the Boilermakers will be very comfortably in the field.

  • Thomas Bates posted 49 days ago

    Thomas Bates

    Mr. Kerry,
    A friend forwarded your prediction for Davidson's first season with the A10 (0-18). Clearly you have a gift.

  • Will Straub posted 54 days ago

    Will  Straub


  • Christopher Paris posted 56 days ago

    Christopher Paris


    My name is Christopher Paris a freshman at St. John's University and I have a question to ask you about the status of the Red Storm's chances at making the NCAA tournament for my journalism class. Do you think St John's will make the NCAA tournament and how far do you see them advancing in the tournament?

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