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Adam Wells is one of B/R's Breaking News Team writers. He graduated from Indiana University Purdue University-Fort Wayne in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in Media & Public Communication. After growing up as a baseball fan, he has spent the last two years studying prospects and evaluating talent throughout the minor leagues.

Despite living in the heart of Cubs and Cardinals country in Indiana, Adam is an Indians fan thanks to his time spent watching "Major League" as a child. You can follow Adam on Twitter @adamwells1985.

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  • James Lupi posted 12 days ago

    James Lupi

    Adam If you are going to use Rick Glasers #s for pacs fight (no name and in china) then shouldent you use Rick's #s on the MW-maidaina fight (known fighter in US) which is 772K? Pac bradley did 775K.

  • Super Grande posted 61 days ago

    Super Grande

    This feels like a "troll" like article from an Indiana writer. It doesn't matter how many anti-FSU pieces are written by ND fans, the 'Noles are gonna win this game. Who cares about the QB's stock?

    ND = over-hyped team.

  • Bruno Palumbo posted 120 days ago

    Bruno Palumbo

    Federer was going for his 8th W title and made it to the semis in Australia. Your Federer Momentum article has a few mistakes!

  • James . posted 130 days ago

    James .


    During this cycle...

    At this very moment...

  • James . posted 130 days ago

    James .

    Adam Wells, back in 2012, said:

    "On the football field, the best days of Penn State football are long gone. There might be a winning season here and there, but competing for conference championships is gone."

    Haha, great call on this one. The best days of PSU football look in the near future. You should have made a third option in your poll of, [Yes. It will take a couple years of still winning seasons and Penn State will be back to elite recruiting in the top 5 in the nation with one of the best coaches in the game. Then shortly after they'll be in national title contention.]

    "...there is going to be almost no clamoring for top players to go to Happy Valley...Any blue-chip recruits interested in Penn State will look at the fact they won't be able to play in a bowl game until at least 2016-17 and decide to go somewhere else."

    I think our current top 5 class, once ranked as the top in the nation during this recruiting cycle, would tend to disagree with you. We've also recruited well in the previous classes too. Again, great opinion on your part.

    I guess that journalism talent is how you ended up at IUP. Anyway, thanks for the laugh when looking back over your old article.

    Please never take up fortune telling.

  • Sammy Wellyiah posted 132 days ago

    Sammy Wellyiah

    Now you are famous for being foolish! Good thing you are foolish now that you are famous. Yay!

  • Sammy Wellyiah posted 132 days ago

    Sammy Wellyiah

    "Ryu Hyun-Jin: Dodgers' Foolish Investment in Korean Star Will End Badly"
    Happened to come across this article. You are just plain foolish.
    You just no slightest idea of what level a Korean league is at.
    Do not write if you just dont have any idea.

    Adam Wells: Bleacher's foolish investment in ignorant writer will end badly. HAHAHAHAHAH

  • Scott P posted 135 days ago

    Scott P

    Florida basketball titles were in 2006 and 2007. Speights was not on team in 2006.

  • Andy Pineiro posted 144 days ago

    Andy  Pineiro

    How can you think that LeBron is better than Kobe? Kobe has been to 7 finals, and Lebron to 5… Kobe had Gasol and Fisher as a supporting cast, and LeBron had Wade and Bosh. And they won the same number of titles with their respective groups. In my opinion, the big three of James Wade and Bosh should have won much more than 2 championships. They should have won at least 4. And just look at the film of their games. Kobe is superior.

  • Mark Racz posted 248 days ago

    Mark Racz

    sorry about that, there is a link to Twitter.

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