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My name is Dan Stack and have been writing and blogging about sports for more than five years.

As you would expect I am sports junkie, with an emphasis on football, baseball, basketball and hockey. I particularly enjoy fantasy sports, having been playing the game for nearly 20 years. I am also a contributor at

Another big passion of mine is the great game of college basketball. Although I went to a tiny school in Long Island (C.W. Post), I have a fondness for major big time hoops. I have been writing at for over a decade, while attending games on the east coast as credentialed media and reporting on the ins and outs of the Big East program.

I am now a Michigan beat writer here at Bleacher Report and have a deep love and respect for the program. In actuality, my favorite college football team is the Michigan program. I am well-versed in Michigan basketball and appreciate the history including Glen Rice's awesome 1989 NCAA Championship performance, the Fab Five heroics and the revival under head coach John Beilein.

I am also a fantasy football contributor here at Bleacher Report, while having payed the game for nearly 16 years. In fact, I can recite the first three picks I made in my first draft held in 1998: Barry Sanders, Shannon Sharpe and Steve McNair. For good measure, I can tell you my first two picks in my fantasy baseball draft in 1995: Kirby Puckett (who I got an autograph from in 1989 at a Yankee game) and Randy Johnson. Yeah I know, I am an nerd.

I am from the suburbs (Nyack) of New York and, as you can imagine, I'm die-hard fan of the New York Giants, New York Mets, New York Rangers and the New York Knicks.

I have previously been a contributor at many sites and blogs including,,,,, and ( Prior to my online sports writing career, I was the Managing Editor of my local county's weekly newspaper, the Rockland County Times. I have a BA degree from C.W. Post with a major in broadcasting and a minor in journalism.

If want to hear rumbling on fantasy sports, New York fandom an other random pop culture musings, be sure to follow me on Twitter @Stacdemon

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  • LeeAnn Lassiter posted 1202 days ago

    LeeAnn Lassiter

    You're welcome, Daniel!

  • Serena Raymond posted 1210 days ago

    Serena Raymond

    No problem, Daniel!

  • James Rogers posted 1217 days ago

    James Rogers

    You got it, Daniel. Keep up the writing. And even though it happened a little while ago, I want to say congrats on 1 million reads!

  • Susan Turek posted 1230 days ago

    Susan Turek

    You're welcome, Daniel!

  • Ryan Desmarais posted 1244 days ago

    Ryan Desmarais

    Not a problem, Daniel. Good work on the piece!

  • Allyson Daniels posted 1261 days ago

    Allyson Daniels

    You're welcome, Daniel, hope they were helpful!

  • James Rogers posted 1266 days ago

    James Rogers

    You got it, Daniel. Almost to a million total reads... Congrats! Keep on writing.

  • Max Rettig posted 1270 days ago

    Max Rettig

    Hey, Daniel. My pleasure with the edits. It was a thoroughly interesting and enjoyable piece. No problem at all with the small errors there; everyone is human and makes mistakes once in a while, no matter how trivial they may seem. Just keep them in mind for future articles. Glad to see you're a fellow Mets and Giants fan as well! Let's go Mets!

  • Michael Lingberg posted 1284 days ago

    Michael Lingberg

    No problem, Daniel.

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 1292 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    You're welcome, Daniel!